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Enjoy access to your www.Gmail.com account by resetting the gmail.com forgotten password

Nowadays, life without emails something one cannot think of. It serves as a prime mode of communication thereby helping people to establish contact with those in far of places within a relatively short span of time. Not just sending text messages, but you can also send attachments like images, PDF files, videos and audios through emails. The first most contributors to the world of email was Yahoo but then on the 1st of April, 2004, the internet giant Google came up with something more for its customers. Named as Gmail.com or Google mail, it was introduces as an invitation-based service in the beta version. On 7th of February 2007, Gmail was launched officially. Since then, it can become an inseparable part of one’s life.

For accessing Gmail service, you need to get yourself registered and create a profile for you. This calls for completing a small formality whereby you will be required to create a mail id for yourself and give a password as well as other basic information. It is later the mail id and the password that you will need for accessing your Gmail account. Alongside Gmail, today there are numerous other social networking sites that you follow for ensuring better connectivity with the outer world. Given the note of Gmail id and password, though most people tend to use the same id for creating profile with these social networking sites, it is often due to the different passwords that you end up getting confused with them. Taking into concern one such instance with Gmail, this article brings to you three simple steps to reset Gmail password.

www.gmail.com Forgot Password | Gmail.com Password Recovery Assistance

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3 methods of recovering forgotten Gmail password

Forgetting Gmail password will prevent you from accessing those valued information stored in your account. But by adhering to these simple processes, you will be easily able to work out with Gmail.com password recovery.

Process 1- Make use of your secondary Google account or security question or phone number

If you have added a secondary mail address to your Google mail account, you can make use of the same for recovering the forgotten password. However in case, if you forget the secondary Gmail account id, you can go ahead with the use of the security question or phone number where the password will be sent. Follow these steps to go ahead with the same.

Step 1- Click on the “Can’t access your account?” link given on the Gmail Log-in page. Make sure to select the option “I forgot my password”.

Step 2- In the email address bar, type the complete Gmail address. It can either be the address of this account whose password you are unable to recall or the mail id of the secondary account that is associated with this one.

Step 3- Carefully type in the box the Captcha and then proceed clicking on the option “continue”.

Step 4- You will be offered with three options for getting back the Gmail password that you forgot. These are either getting the password reset link directly to your secondary email account or by getting the verification code on your registered phone number in the form of a call or text message or by simply answering the security question.

Process 2- Using an alternate Email for accessing FireFox or Chrome to recover your Gmail Password

In case you are unable to recall your Gmail password, you can get back the same directly to your alternative email from Firefox or Chrome browser. However, if you don’t have any alternative email account, here is how to get back the same from Firefox or Chrome settings.

Step 1- Get ahead with access to the Chrome settings. Now you have to select the option “Show Advanced Settings” right in the bottom of the page to get the “Saved Passwords Management” Option.

Step 2- Those accounts that you have logged automatically with Chrome will be directly displayed in the window. Now you can select the Gmail account (of course yours) and proceed selecting the option “show” in the password tab.  Your Gmail forgot password will be now be displayed.

Process 3- Use of Gmail password recovery software

If you have forgotten your Gmail password, the alternate mail id as well as the security question, it is now time to try out this third and last option of using Gmail password recovery software. This software enables the user to recover their Gmail username as well as password that has been saved in browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE. Follow these steps to get done with the same.

Step 1- Download secure password recovery software. Run the password recovery and select the option “Recover internet browser and email passwords”.

Step 2- Select the “Internet password recovery” option and then proceed selecting “start recovery” and then “Recover Firefox or Chrome Password” right from the drop-down list.

Step 3- Select recover Gmail password option.

Final say

Adhering to any of these 3 methods of resetting Gmail password, you can easily enjoy access to your Gmail account.